Friday, March 5, 2010

Manuel Might Be Thinking About Mejia On Opening Day Roster

According to David Lennon on twitter, when Jerry Manuel was asked about the potential of Mejia making the opening day roster, he responded with, ""I think so...If we continue to see that, we going to have strong conversations."

I'm sort of torn on this.  As of right now, I like the idea of him being in the Mets 'pen this year, if the team is going to use him.  BUT, I think I like the idea more of this kid becoming a top of the rotation guy.  If that's the type of potential he has, I'd rather see him head down to the minors and be stretched out like a starter.

Although I am concerned about their bullpen this season.  I think in the long run, I'd rather have a dominant young starter, than a dominant young closer.  Santana is still young, as are Pelfrey, Maine, Niese and Perez, but Mejia's talent is too awesome to ignore because of that.  To me, a starter is more valuable than a closer, and I think the team should be thinking that way. 

However, if the Mets don't think  he can become a starter, then I guess I see no reason why this kid shouldn't be in the big leagues helping out the team, especially with some of the performances we've seen out of Sean Green and Parnell. 

I'm very interested to see how this shakes out...

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