Wednesday, February 3, 2010

F-Mart Just Got Motivated

Sometimes it takes a little knock to the ego to get a kid with a ton of talent, who's been coasting his whole life, to start working harder.  It sounds like Fernando Martinez got that wake-up call. 

In an article on, Matt Cerrone cites a report from Jesse Sanchez on, in which Martinez says he thought he'd have a chance to start in CF with Beltran's injury and is quoted as saying, “But they get Gary Matthews Jr., and now I’m not sure where I am...I just can’t give up.” 

Later in the article Martinez says, “I know I’m a big league player, and I can perform at a high level...It’s in my hands, so I have to keep working hard and maybe earn a spot.  Maybe I make it to the big leagues with the Mets or maybe another team, but I know I can do it.  I just have to keep working and waiting for my opportunity.”

Gary Matthews Jr. might have been the best thing to happen to Martinez, now he's motivated, dare I say a little pissed.  But it's nice to hear the confidence coming from the kid.  I hope this light's a fire under him and really gets him hitting, because in all honesty, his fielding was pretty impressive in his stint in NY last season.  Now, let's turn some of that energy to plate and start mashing. 

And if there's one thing I could say to Fernando it'd be this: You have the opportunity to own this city in due time, so work your butt off and we'll see you in Citifield in no time.  Also, don't forget, there is nothing Mets fans want to see more than you turn into the player we all had hoped for when we first heard about you...

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