Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Hi-Waitus Is Over: Caught Lookin' Is Back With a Quick Round-Up

Fresh off a relaxing, and much needed vacation...Caught Lookin' Is Back. 

Here's my quick and dirty on what I missed over the past week or so:

-Reyes met with FBI investigators Friday about a doctor who treated him- Not exactly the first news I wanted to hear coming back, but it's nice to hear that apparently he'll be fine, and HGH free.

-Mets interested in Kiko Calero on a minor league contract - Great decision, don't guarantee him anything with the shape his arm "may or may not be in".

-Escobar probably will not be ready for opening day - No surprise here, but it seems like the Mets knew that.  I like the idea of Nieve in the 'pen as the replacement.  His stuff is good, and it would allow Niese to be the 5th starter.

-K-Rod has pink eye - someone needs to stop farting on his pillow.  Sorry, I was watching "Knocked Up" recently.

-Mets are considering Beimel, while Beimel is considering the Mets - Good Idea.  Another solid lefty specialist.  This may allow for Feliciano to be the primary set-up guy until Escobar returns, which is an idea I've been big on for some time now...

-Mets talking about moving Kunz to a starter in an effort to develop him more.  I like this idea, AS LONG AS, they then revert him back into a bullpen arm.  This makes sense in terms of teaching him control, etc, but it doesn't make sense to ACTUALLY try to make him a starter.  He's a reliever because of his lack of other pitches, making him try to develop more could really mess up his development.

The season is near...

And I'm feeling great about it.

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