Friday, February 5, 2010

Not To Be Mean, But...Todd Wellemeyer, COME ON!

Michael Baron of says, here, that the Mets are interested in Todd Wellemeyer.  This information is forwarded from a report from Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, which he got from an interview Wellemeyer had with a radio station in St. Louis.

Alright, here's the deal.  I thought we were trying to UPGRADE the rotation, not bring in another potential 5th starter.  If the Mets want another fifth starter go sign Nelson Figueroa, at least we know what he's about.  Wellemeyer's numbers are not good (career 4.74 ERA), and two of his best years were with Dave Duncan in St. Louis.  If people were concerned about Piniero being a product of Duncan, how about this guy?  The only difference is last year, even Duncan couldn't help him.

At this point the Mets need to be looking at either a Smoltz, Washburn or Wang.  That SHOULD BE IT.  At least they could provide a potential upgrade over a Perez/Maine/Nieve.  Todd Wellemeyer isn't better than any of those other guys I just named.  In fact, I just left Pelfrey off that list because I thought it'd be insulting to him to even be considered in the same sentence as Wellemeyer.  Beyond that, if not for Perez' mental issues and Main's injuries they would have been off the list too.

In short, he stinks.  I don't want him.  Sign Figueroa if you want another potential 5th starter.  The fact this guy is being considered is dumb... 

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