Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hudson Looking Like He'll Be A Twin

According to Nationals beat writer William Ladson on twitter, it looks like the Nationals and Orlando Hudson were too far apart in terms of money, and he looks like he'll end up in Minnesota.

Good for the O-dog, and the Twins.  O-Dog is definitely an upgrade over Nick Punto offensively, and probably about a wash defensively.  I wish this weren't true because I was still holding out hope the Mets could deal Castillo, but now with this development, my belief they'll be able to move Castillo is basically gone.  With Hudson off the market, I doubt the Mets would move Castillo to bring in Adam Kennedy to play second.  So at this point, the black cloud hovering over Luis Castillo most likely be around the Mets come opening day...


Buster Olney just tweeted that O-Dog has a choice between Minnesota and Cleveland...just an FYI.  But it's still not NY.

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