Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update: Pelfrey and Murphy Work Out

Here are some updates on the work out front:

According to the New York Post, Mike Pelfrey will show up to Spring Training 25 pounds lighter than he was last year.  It's nice to know he's working hard, and doesn't want to repeat last season's performance.  My guess is that it can only help him endurance-wise as well as making him quicker off the mound to cover first.

Also on the workout front, it seems as though Daniel Murphy has been working with his fielding at 1B with Keith Hernandez, according to David Lennon on twitter.  I love this on two fronts.  The first, anything that helps Murphy in the field is a good thing, the Mets need him to be solid over there at 1B to be able to change this potential platoon with Tatis into a Murphy only job.

Beyond that, I like the idea of Keith getting experience working with players, and learning how to coach and mentor on a big league level.  I would love nothing more than to hear that Keith loved teaching so much he decides to become a manager.  Watching Mets games you can tell the guy has a vast knowledge, and most importantly a respect for the game.  He was a hard-nosed player who would undoubtly become a tough manager as well.  I've been hoping for this for years, and maybe working with Murphy will trigger an itch for Keith...

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