Monday, February 1, 2010

Garko Signs with Mariners

According to the Associated Press, Ryan Garko has signed a one year $550,000 deal with the Mariners. I have to say, kudos on the deal, Jack.

Although, I am ultimately happy the Mets didn't sign Garko, I am a little disappointing in how much more they spent on Fernando Tatis. I am not a fan of Garko in the field, and only like him at the plate against lefites, but seriously, Tatis is not worth $1 million more than this kid. I'm actually pretty shocked by my own reaction, because usually money doesn't bother me because I'm not paying it. However, in this instance I am. I think I'm just pre-annoyed at how many times I'm going to hear about how much more Tatis is making than Garko, and how Garko would have been just as good. I don't disagree with this argument, but on the whole, I think I'm more unhappy because I didn't want either guy. And when comparing the two, I might have chose Garko over Tatis...

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