Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rosenthal: Dodgers Lagging on Wang, Mets Further Behind

According to Ken Rosenthal on FOXSports.com, in an update to the offseason buzz that you can read here, Chien Ming Wang is hoping to make a decision on where he'll sign in 7 to 10 days.  Also according to Rosenthal, "Various teams are at different points in the process with Wang. The Dodgers are lagging, the source said, and the Mets are further behind."

Let me just say this: COME ON!  The Mets have some time to get cracking still on Wang, but this is not a good sign.  How are they not in on him?  Or if they are, Why does this report make it seem like they aren't interested?  This is the Mets' last shot at a potential top-of-the-rotation, impact free agent pitcher signing(Washburn is good, but not a number 2).  They cannot afford to miss out on Wang because of indecisiveness, or lack of a quorum amongst the ownership as to whether or not to get him.  He provides the most upside of available pitchers, and has been good in NY before.  There's nothing wrong with signing him to a one year deal, show him the money.  If it's a multi-year concern, then play it careful, but still I think he'll prove worth it.

By the way, if he ends up on the Cardinals (who have been link to him this offseason) and returns to form, that rotation becomes UNREAL.  Please Omar, don't let that happen...

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