Monday, February 1, 2010

Putz Confirms: The Mets are Run by Morons

In an extremely disturbing article on, Matt Cerrone forwards information from an interview of J.J. Putz conducted by Chuck Garfien of Comcast Chicago, in which Putz says the Mets never gave him a physical at the time of them trading for him from Seattle.

In the interview Putz says the bone-spur in his elbow was discovered in the previous season in Seattle, but the Mets never found it, probably because there was no physical, until Spring Training. The cherry-on-top of this whole mess is the Mets desire for Putz to keep the whole thing quiet, after discovering the bone spur in Spring Training.

THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE. How stupid can one organization be? You have got to be kidding me. Aren't all trades on hold until a physical is passed by all the players involved? Isn't that always the hold-up. This is the most remarkably stupid thing I have ever heard. I can't even write about this anymore, it's too infuriating.

It's sounding more and more like this organization is run by idiots. I'm sorry, I love this team and always will, but whoever's decision it was to NOT HAVE A PHYSICAL when acquiring players, and telling them to hush about it, should be fired IMMEDIATELY.


  1. You can't fire Jeff Wilpon.

  2. Unfortunately...I think you're right and it was his call...

  3. Got to sell them Citifield tixplans, boys...