Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reyes and Wright Convince Me: Why Not the Mets?

In an article for the New York Post, Kevin Kernan puts a little more optimism in the minds of the Mets fan.  Yesterday, David Wright's comments about believing the Mets could make the world series were re-iterated by Reyes, according to Kernan.  Kernan makes a great point about Reyes and Wright in his article saying, "There's nothing wrong in believing in your team, especially when no one else believes in it. And no one believes in the Mets right now. It has to start somewhere." 

According to Kernan, "A healthy Reyes said he believes he can make a difference and is shooting to have a big season. He said he is looking to bat over .300, have at least "200 hits" and hopes to steal 50 bases."  I can't disagree with Jose, because these are about where his numbers should be in a healthy year.  Like, I've written before it's not unfair to expect those numbers from Reyes, because he is an elite player.

Kernan also goes on to talk about the Reyes contract situation upcoming at the end of the season.  Making note that the team has an $11 million option for him, and that Jose has said before and continues to say, he wants to finish his career with the Mets.  If he stays healthy and productive, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he'll finish his career not just as a Met, but as a Mets great.

Articles like this give me optimism, and optimism always looms large in the Spring.  Admittedly, I didn't believe the optimism last year.  But hearing these things from Wright and Reyes are fantastic.   This is a different year, a new start and a healthier team, isn't it?  So, why not the Mets?  Maybe this is the season Perez, Maine and Pelfrey all put it together.  Maybe Thole or Santos prove to be adequate major leaguers.  Maybe K-Rod is dominant.  Maybe Igarashi turns out to be a stud. Maybe Castillo gets traded (haha, sorry needed to toss that in there).  Maybe the Mets can put together enough of a run and get hot at the right time, and be like the Rockies or Rays and shock everyone.  It can happen, and I'm starting to believe that the Mets have enough fire-power to make it happen.

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