Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is Trading for Lowell Still a Good Idea?

Awhile ago I was a big proponent of the Mets dealing Castillo for Mike Lowell, and today according to WEEI in Boston, Lowell apparently still thinks he'll be dealt.  This report was forwarded by Matthew Cerrone of, here.

My immediate knee jerk reaction is that now it's too late. 

Although, I think Lowell would have made for a great platoon partner for Murphy at 1B and could have provided some pop off the bench when he wasn't starting, it's too late.  The Mets have already committed a major league deal to Tatis, and brought in Mike Jacobs to compete for the position as well.  Beyond that, bringing in Lowell would kill any competition for the final bench spot and that won't fly with Omar.   Mainly because Omar likes to look like a genius by finding a marginal player who'll play better than they should, so he can hang his hat on their success (ie. Jose Valentin).  

Beyond the firstbase logjam a trade of Lowell/Castillo would create, there's another problem.  The Mets would have no other options at 2B.  The Mets don't have enough depth at 2B and there aren't many free agents left. I don't want to see Cora starting at 2B, or Tatis there to start the season.  Yes, I know Felipe Lopez is available.  And yes, I think Lopez could be a fit, BUT I have a feeling he'll be signed by the start of camp SOMEWHERE.  And anyone potentially dealing for Lowell would probably want to see that he's healthy before they do anything.  Combine those two, and chances are that Lopez would be off the market before the Mets could potentially pull the trigger on a deal for Lowell. 

That being said...

If Lopez is available by the time the Mets would be comfortable dealing for Lowell, I would do it.  I know that would make any bench competition useless.  But that is the only situation in which I could see that happening.  Still, I wouldn't hold my breath...

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