Monday, February 8, 2010

Sherman and Beltran, F-Mart wins MVP

In his blog for the NY Post, here, Joel Sherman makes some pretty interesting remarks involving Carlos Beltran's feelings towards the Mets.  Sherman says, "Beltran is furious with the Mets and how they have publicly handled his surgery. He wonders if he should have been playing last year (in other words, was he properly diagnosed?)." 

Sherman continues later on to say that, "The Mets probably should not expect Beltran to prioritize the team this time around. He turns 33 in April. His contract walk year is 2011. So I expect that Beltran will take care of No. 1 and make sure he does not do anything to hurt himself for a 2011 salary-drive season." 

I mean, this would make sense that Beltran might be annoyed and it stands to reason that he'd like another big contract at the end of this one, BUT, I would have liked a quote or something as support for this statement.  I'm not saying that Sherman is making this stuff up, BUT, there has always been a weird situation between the Mets/Yankees and the Post/Daily News.  So I think it's worth it to take Sherman's comments with a grain of salt.

On a much lighter note, Fernando Martinez hit .348 with 2 homers and 4 RBI in the Caribbean Series Tournament, and was named MVP

Good news for Martinez who was apparently struggling prior to this break out in the tournament.  It'll give him some nice confidence going into spring training, and maybe it will raise his play to a level where it'll be hard for the Mets to start the season without him as their centerfielder...

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