Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I've Forgotten This Offseason

Like most Mets fans, I've spent a HUGE portion of August through February calling last year a disappointment, being down on the organization and calling for the Mets to sign any-and-everybody they could in an effort to make this team viable again.  Let's face it, last year may well have been the toughest season in recent memory for Mets fans to endure.  It was a season of huge expectations, huge potential and even bigger injuries and disappointments.  And being caught up in all that, there are things I seem to have forgotten about this off-season: Jose Reyes and Johan Santana.

It's hard to deny that last season's injuries were devastating to the teams chances at success, but in my opinion nothing was more detrimental than losing Jose Reyes.  Reyes is without a doubt one of the most dynamic (if not the most dynamic) player I have ever seen in a Mets jersey.  His incredible combination of speed and power makes him a player that the Mets' opponents and fans can't take their mind off.  But I haven't seen that combination since May...

Prior to last season, when Jose only played in 39 games, he never stole less than 56 bases in a full season, hit double-digit homers in 3 of his 4 full major league seasons, and never scored less than 99 runs in a season.  Last season Jose stole 11 bases, hit 2 homers, and scored 18 runs.  It's an easy thing to forget how good, and dynamic a player Reyes is when he hasn't been on the field.

I've also seem to have forgotten how good Johan Santana is because of the team he had playing behind him last season, and the offense trying to support him.  This is one of (if not) the best pitchers in the game, who has the ability to shut down his opponents seemingly at will.  In two seasons with the Mets he put up ERA's of 2.53 and 3.13, while striking out 206 and 146 batter respectively and has been a leader on this team. 

Yet somehow I've forgotten about him, too...

Even if you're a pessismistic Mets fan, you cannot deny the excitement you got watching Reyes punch a ball into the gap and motor for three, or the feeling of confidence you had that Santana could get out of that bases-loaded jam.  We all had those feelings, and we all seem to have forgotten about them because we're ticked off about Omir Santos or Luis Castillo.  The Mets can win with players like Castillo and Santos (or in some cases seemingly in spite of them) because we have some supreme talent in Reyes, Santana, Wright, Bay and others.

These players are game-changers, high echelon talents that can put a team on their back and take them to the playoffs.  We, as Mets fans, don't seem to remember that because last year was so dreadful.  So, maybe we as Mets fans need to focus on what we do have (Reyes, Wright, Bay, Santana, K-Rod) as opposed to what we are missing (catching, a better second baseman, a number two starter) and remember that despite the disspointment the ends of the 2007 and 2008 seasons were, we thought we were only a bullpen away...

It's been a long time since we've been confident as a fan base, and although most can view this as drinking the "kool-aid", I'm excited for the team to get back on the field and for fans to remember that in Reyes, Santana and Wright we have some serious talent that should (and will) keep us in contention this season. 

This is my rah-rah speech for the season, and to be honest I actually am starting to believe in what we have, because sometimes I guess that cheesy expression is correct, "it's hard to see the forest through the trees"...

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  1. Yes, Santana is a great pitcher, but it takes more than 1 great pitcher to win pennants. Yes, Reyes when he is right, is a game changing player; but I noticed in the past year and a half he seems to have slowed down a bit, meaning that he used to steal bases with ease, but in the last year and a half it seems he is just making it safely to 2nd ahead of throws. Wright, to me, is not a game changing player. He just doesn't seem to have the ability to carry a team. Beltran, though a good center fielder, never seems to be enjoying playing the game of baseball, which to me is bothersome and I can't understand how this wouldn't bother his teammates.

    The Mets aren't going anywhere in the standings for quite a long time. Pitching and defense win ball games; unfortunately the Mets have neither at present, nor in their farm system.