Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kelvim Escobar is Sore, Still Breathing

Alright, Mets fans...take a deep breath. 

According to David Waldstein of the New York Times, as relayed by Matthew Cerrone of Metsblog, Kelvim Escobar is experiencing some discomfort in the surgically repaired shoulder.  And all accross the board Mets fans are freaking out.  Don't believe me? Check out any Mets fan site and you'll see posts about it.

Here's my message:  Don't Freak....yet.  I know with last year's disaster it's tough for Mets fans, myself included, to stay grounded about certain things.  This, however, is a situation where you need to be calm for a few reasons.

First off, he just had surgery and hasn't pitched (for the most-part) in two years, so if he's been working out to pitch, he's probably sore.  I can't guarantee that this is specifically what's going on with Escobar, BUT, it's within reason that a guy who hasn't used shoulder muscles to pitch in basically two years might get sore when he finally starts to use them again.

And secondly, wasn't Escobar supposed to be a high risk signing?  Are people freaking because Omar wanted him to compete for the eighth inning role?  If, for some reason Escobar is hurt again, and can't throw, we still have Parnell, Igarashi, Feliciano and others who could potentially serve as the set-up man.  To be honest, I think I may have been more concerned in the state of the bullpen if a guy coming off surgery was the best option for the eighth inning.

The bottom line here is that this guy can help us, and he's not out just yet.  He's just a little sore, and that's to be expected.  I'm going to reserve my freaking out until I know he's out, and that money could have been used elsewhere...

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