Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mets Have Upgraded Offer to Barajas, Here We Go Again

It looks like the Mets are taking the next step towards deciding their starting catching position.  According to Tim Brown on twitter, and Ken Rosenthal on, the Mets have upgraded the offer to Rod Barajas from a minor league deal, to a major league deal.  This leaves Barajas with two options, taking a minor league deal with the Rangers where he'll have to compete with Taylor Teagarden and Jarrod Saltalamacchia, or taking a major league deal with the Mets.  It looks like Barajas would take on the starting catching duties should he chose to sign with the Mets, which to me, seems likes his best option.

I was fine with adding Barajas as competition in case Thole couldn't cut it.  However, with a major league deal on the table, and the probability the Mets will not carry three catchers, especially if one of them is a young player who needs development, it looks like Thole doesn't seem to fit in the equation for the Mets this season.  I'm not excited about that.

I understand the argument that Barajas will help the staff, and I get that he might be able to help the development of some of these pitchers.  But, the bottom line is, that he does not hit.  Mets fans who focus on his ability to help the staff, will be the same people in the upcoming months who will kill him for being a hole in the line-up.  Barajas is still probably an overall upgrade over Santos, but I think all this is doing is taking the chance for Thole to earn the starting job away from him.  I will be one of the more agitated fans if a month into the season I'm hearing about how much improved Thole is behind the plate and hitting .320, while Barajas has become an automatic out in the line-up.

I hope I'm wrong.  I hope Barajas comes in and tears it up at the plate, while turning the Mets staff into what they could be.  But, in all honesty, I'm not banking on it...

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