Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mets Have No Money for Barajas, Close in On Signing Mike Jacobs

In a post to FOXSports.com mlb offseason buzz attributed both to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi, apparently the Mets and Rangers seem to be the two most interested in Rod Barajas.  Interesting. 

But even more interesting is that the Mets "are out of money, major-league sources say".  Ok, wow, this is a problem.  I guess that could be why the Mets are so far behind on Wang, and were asking the Diamondbacks to pay for all of Snyder should they deal for him.  This is probably also why they haven't made a deal with the Reds, dealt Castillo, or made any real free agent acquisition, because they can't.

But what is puzzling to me then, is how they were able to sign Bay, 2 catchers,  add Matthews Jr., Escobar and Igarashi.  Did something happen in the last few weeks that has caused them to completely shut down their spending, to the point where they are digging around for minor league signings.  Speaking of which...

According to Jerry Crasnick on his twitter account, the Mets are close to bringing Mike Jacobs back into the fold on a minor league deal.  Well good for Jacobs, I liked him when he was here and wouldn't mind his powerful bat making the bench.  Although, that would leave the Mets with a lot of 1B only players on their roster.  So that could be a problem...

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