Monday, February 8, 2010

Klapisch Says It'll Be Valentine's Day Soon...

In an article for, Bob Klapisch talks about Bobby Valentine's potential return to managing in the big leagues, and who it could be with.  Klapisch spends most of his time in the article talking about the potential of Valentine coming back to manage the Mets.  Klapisch seems fairly certain that there is a very large flame under Manuel's hot seat, and says, "it wouldn't take a full-blown dark age to oust Manuel; one long losing streak in late May would be enough."  Klapisch then continues by wondering, "Question is, would ownership have the guts to re-hire Valentine?" 

Also in the article, Klapisch re-iterates the success of Valentine in Japan, and goes on to explain how he seemed to have outgrown his organization in Japan.  Also, Klapisch brings up a couple other potential suitors for Valentine who may pop up.  This list includes: Toronto, Baltimore, Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati.  

Although, like most people, I don't think this team is playing poorly because of Manuel, I still am not sold that he's the type of guy who can win with this team.  AND, I think the Mets could really benefit from bringing in, what Klapisch calls, an "alpha-male", like Valentine.  BUT, As much as I would like to see Valentine come in here and take over this team, I would be dissapointed to see him this season, mainly because that would signify a bad season for the Mets.

So, while I would love for Valentine to come back, I would prefer a good season with Manuel and miss out on Valentine, over another bad/mediocre start with Manuel and then putting it on Bobby V to turn the season around...

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