Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mets May Still Be Open To Adding Starters, Whoopedeedoo!

According to a tweet from Jon Paul Morosi of, the Mets may still be willing to add starting pitching, should "the price be right."  I'm going to have to echo the sentiments of Matt Cerrone from Metsblog, when I say, I'm glad they're willing to do that, but what's left on the market?

With Bedard resigning with the Mariners, that leaves the free agent starter pool the Mets could potentially pull from down to: Smoltz, Pedro, Looper, Wang, Noah Lowry, Todd Wellemeyer and Jarrod Washburn.  To me, I see only real fits here seem to be Wang, Washburn and Smoltz.  Despite the report from a few days ago that the Dodgers feel Wang is still a few months away from pitching off a mound (article), I still feel he is the best fit because of his potential upside, familiarity with NY, and the way his pitching style would fit in CitiField.  At this point I would also go along with Washburn, but he apparently isn't interest in the East Coast. 

As far as the others, I really could only see a use for Smoltz as a swing guy, who can start and relieve.  Pedro is probably only going to pitch late in the season again, which apparently has come up as an option for Smoltz as well.  Noah Lowry's been hurt for a while and even when he was healthy wasn't exactly a stud either.  And that leaves Looper and Wellemeyer, who I can just flat out say, aren't an upgrade over what the Mets currently have.

So, while I'm happy the Mets have decided they can make a move at the "right price", isn't it a little late for that realization considering what's left on the market...

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