Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Village Voice Gets CaughtLookin', Thank You to Friends

The Caught Lookin' Crew would like to take a second today to thank everyone and anyone who has been reading this blog over the past month or so it has existed. It's been fun, and very exciting to see the reader base grow more each day.

It is in this vein that I'd like to thank The Village Voice, and writer Roy Edroso, for mentioning Caught Lookin' on their online blog, here.  The Caught Lookin' crew is extremely excited that such a well respected blog has noticed it's work, and would like to thank them for their recognition.

The Caught Lookin' Crew would also like to thank Michael Baron over at Metsblog.com for his constant support of the Caught Lookin' Blog, and it's writings.

We'd also like to thank other friends of the blog, like Chemetsry, and HotFootBlog, for their links and support as well.

Here's to hoping more readers get Caught Lookin', and less Beltran in the future...

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