Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Straw on Mets Offseason, McGwire

In this article in The Daily News, Peter Botte quotes Darryl Strawberry on the Mets offseason as saying, "I'll put it like this: It could've been better."  Strawberry was at the 30th annual Thurman Munson awards dinner as an honoree last night, and expressed his feelings prior to the event.  He also went on to say that, "You could've put a couple more pieces into that puzzle for them. I know they signed Jason Bay, but the big loss was the (Carlos) Beltran (injury) situation."  Later in the article Botte notes that Strawberry specifically feels the Mets could use some more pitching.

Kudos to Straw for saying what he, and all other Mets fans are thinking.  I don't think anyone can disagree with what Darryl is saying here.  The issue now seems to be how much Omar was hamstrung by ownership in his spending this offseason, and whether or not there were realisitc trades on the table.  I'm starting to feel bad for Omar, because I don't think it can be easy working for the Wilpons.

Also in the article, Strawberry comments on Mark McGwire and steroids saying, "I don't believe it helped him...But how do I know? I never used them. I wish they had them when I was around because I would've used it....But I'm not a doctor, so I couldn't really tell you what they do for you." 

Alright, so two things to take from this quote I find interesting.  First, I think it's interesting that a home run hitter like Strawberry would say that he didn't think McGwire's juicing helped him.  You'd figure he'd be one of the first people to say something like, "I know that he's a great hitter but it's hard to deny the medical facts".  Instead Strawberry claims not to know anything about them, and comments on himself never using them.  Nice to know, but in all honesty guys like Straw and Griffey with natural home run swings, who weighed 200 lbs soaking wet will almost never be questioned, for those reasons.

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