Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Metsblog a Great Keith/Murphy Workout Video

Metsblog.com has a great video up on the site right now of Keith working on defense at 1B with Murphy, Chris Carter and Nick Evans.

This is type of stuff that the general public almost never sees.  SNY and Metsblog have done a great job in posting a little insight into what players have to do to get themselves better.  As someone who still plays the game (at a "semi-professional" level), it's nice to see some of the nuansces of the game being shared.  In the video, Keith specifically talks to the guys about: getting runners at second on a groundball to first (regarding baserunner speed etc), checking runners at third on grounders to 1B and the proper angle in which to bounce off the bag after holding a runner on. 

There is some really good stuff, on this 4 minute video, and while I'm sure anyone who reads this blog already reads Metsblog, if you missed it or something it's definitely worth looking for.

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