Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kernan: "Reyes Ran Like The Wind"

 Could there be 5 more exciting words to a Mets fan.  In an article for the New York Post, Kevin Kernan recounts his experience watching Jose Reyes working out for two hours yesterday.  Kernan says "Reyes is back in a big way," and quotes Jose as saying, "I'll be ready in 2010.  Be there, it's going to be a show."  To me, the most powerful quote in the article comes later on from Reyes, who says, "Some people say when Reyes goes the team goes," then Reyes continues, "Jose Reyes is ready to go."

This is without a doubt the most exciting thing I've heard since the Bay acquisition and in my opinion, even trumps that.  Jose Reyes is a game-changer, and without him the Mets really are a team without legs.  More importantly, in this article it seems like Jose is ready to put it on himself and lead the team this season.  He seems confident, strong and ready to produce in a big way in 2010, for a team who cannot win without him...

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