Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today's NL East Rumors: Damon, Wang, Delgado and Endy

According to's Mark Bowman, here, a major league source has confirmed that the Atlanta Braves have made a one-year offer to Johnny Damon.  The source apparently was also able to say that the deal included some deferred money, which makes sense considering the Braves are only rumored to have about $3 million available and Damon is a Boras client.  Should Damon end up signing with Atlanta they have definitely upgraded their left field spot in the order from last year (Garrett Anderson/Matt Diaz).  However, the one thing this would do is potentially delay the major league arrival of Jason Heyward, who is going to be a STUD.  As a Mets fan, I'd rather the Braves sign Damon and have crummy outfield defense, than have unlimited potential at the plate and a better arm in Heyward out there.  Here's an article about how good this kid could be, and how good he could make the Braves.  Scary stuff...

In the meantime it seems as though the Braves aren't alone in looking in on Damon.  According to Jon Paul Morosi on twitter, "the Tigers are devoted to the pursuit of Damon, first and foremost."  This is an interesting situation, as it could really change what the Braves line-up and defense looks like this season.

We started today with the idea that Wang had signed with the Nationals, then we were told he didn't and two teams were in on it.  Then Heyman came out and pointed to the Dodgers as the other team in on Wang.  But now, Heyman on twitter, is saying the Dodgers are no longer in on Wang, concluding that if it was a two team race, Wang's probably heading to the Nats.  Awesome (sarcasm).

As relayed through rotoworld, ESPNDeportes is reporting that Carlos Delgado will retire if he doesn't get a "substantive" major league deal.  No offense to Carlos, but I think he needs to retire, or go to the AL.  Every report out of Puerto Rico said he was limping,  and was not very mobile in some earlier fall league games.  Like I've said before a hip injury is a tough injury to recover from, and in the past has been known to kill old people and dogs...

Finally, Jon Paul Morosi on, is saying that Endy Chavez is healing quicker than expected, and has interest from the Mets, Mariners, Blue Jays, Astros and Royals. Morosi also goes on to say, "At this point, Chavez and his agents must decide on one of two courses of action: Chavez could sign with a club soon and rehabilitate with the team’s medical staff throughout spring training, or continue his workouts individually and stage a showcase in late March." 

Alright, I love the idea of bringing in Endy, it's better than Willy Taveras because Endy can hit better than .240 and has similar speed and range.  As far as Morosi's idea of Endy signing with a team and rehabbing with their medical staff, my response is this: NO!  Especially if he's going to sign with the Mets. Endy should keep his body at a safe distance from the people who did such a terrible job with Beltran, Reyes, Maine and Perez, last year.  On a serious note, Endy Chavez would be a great addition, and would give nice depth to the Mets especially if Beltran takes longer than expected to return...

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