Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For Now, I'm on Board with Jerry

In an interview with Mike Francesa of WFAN, as relayed by Matt Cerrone on Metsblog, Jerry made a few interesting statements about the team.

First off, Jerry sees Niese, Murphy and Pagan as the leaders in their respective positional competitions.  I can't say I disagree with any of those statements, especially after hearing about how Niese threw yesterday, and seeing Matthews Jr. not look great at the plate today.  However, I do think Ike Davis is showing that he can play, although I'm not sure yet that he's a better player than Murphy.  Which brings me to Jerry's next point...

Jerry compared Ike Davis to John Olerud, calling Davis "rhythmic" and "poetic".  I should have blogged about this earlier because there is no chance anyone believes me now, but when he doubled today, I wrote down on a piece of scrap paper, "Olerud-esque".  The kid looks like he can definitely swing it, and although there were some issues on grounders today, they were not his fault.  In general, I liked the way Davis handled himself today and think he will turn into a good major league player.  I just hope the Mets don't put too much of a layalty to Murphy, because if Davis outplays him this spring, he deserves to be the teams starting first baseman.

The last thing Manuel said in his interview that I wanted to quickly comment on was this quote, “We’ve got some serious scores to settle."  This team owes the Marlins, Nationals, Phillies and the rest of the majors some serious payback for the way the last 3 seasons ended.  Jerry could not have said it any better than he did.

It seems like, so far, Jerry's on the right path.  I just hope he stays on it...

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