Monday, March 1, 2010

Following The Mets Intrasquad Game On Twitter

Not that I am diluted enough to think that I'm really bringing this information to people, BUT, I feel it's worth mentioning that Adam Rubin is tweeting here and giving play by play from the Mets intrasquad game today.

I'll be reacting with various posts throughout the game, but my initial reaction in the first inning are:

-Niese struck out the side, which is awesome because I think he should be the Mets fifth starter, and it's nice to see him healthy and looking sharp.

-The negative on the positive Niese news is that new lead-off hitter Pagan struck out, along with Jason Pridie and Alex Cora.  I'm not super-psyched about Pagan leading off to start the year...

-Alex Cora made an error in the bottom of the first, which was followed by Luis Castillo getting hit by a pitch, and a two-run triple by Jose Reyes.  I still think Reyes should be your lead-off hitter but I guess you can't deny a triple driving in runs...

Like I said, I'll be commenting throughout the game on what Rubin and others are saying about it.

It's nice to have baseball back...

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