Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Game On, But With One Hitch

According to Metsblog.com, here, it looks like we'll see some ball today after all.

The only catch is that the line-up has been changed. Metsblog.com reports that the line-up will be this:

LF Jesus Feliciano
SS Ruben Tejada
CF Gary Matthews
DH Mike Jacobs
3B Mike Hessman
1B Ike Davis
C Chris Coste
RF Jason Pirdie
2B Luis Hernandez

I can't say I'm as excited as I was when I saw the original line-up but Tejada, Matthews, Jacobs will be fun to watch.

And of course, it will be good to get a look at Ike Davis, who I've only seen play in college, and sporadic national television appearance in the minors.

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