Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good News: Reyes Will Not Change Approach

In an interview with Kevin Burkhardt during the second inning of today's game, Burkhardt asked Reyes about hitting third and whether that would change his approach at the plate or his running.  Reyes responded by saying he's going to be himself, and not change anything.  

I like what I'm hearing from Jose Reyes here.  If he's going to be put in the number 3 hole by Manuel (in my opinion stupidly), then at least it's nice to know he's going to play the way he always has.  I hope Jose is true to his word, because him potentially changing his approach or not being aggressive on the bases is a serious concern of mine.  The other being that they don't really have another quality lead-off man.

I just think Jose is great because of his ability to make things happen, score tons of runs (which Ron Darling just mentioned in the telecast) and help the rest of the team by getting the hitters behind him to see more fastballs.

Either way, I think Jose needs to be himself because Mets fans missed it last year...

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